Alcoholism and Treatment

Alcoholism and Treatment in Providence, RI

An alcohol addiction, also more commonly referred to as alcoholism, is a chronic disease and is a condition that is not easily remedied because it is complex in its causation and in its function. Alcoholism is primarily characterized by continued alcohol abuse with an inability to stop the behavior even in the face of severe negative consequences that have a major impact on a person’s physical and mental health as well as other areas of their life. There are physical changes to the brain that occur when a person suffers from alcoholism including changes to the structure of the brain as well as the way it functions.

Treatment for Alcoholism is Essential

The National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration state that without treatment, long-term success in abstinence and recovery is rarely achieved by people attempting to overcome their addiction. When it comes to alcoholism, if you want to break the cycle of constant attempts to recover followed by prolonged periods of relapse and continued substance abuse, you need the help of professional treatment programs that can guide you through the treatment of all aspects of addiction and in building positive self-regard and habits.

What Alcoholism Treatment Entails

Alcoholism treatment, available through the best drug treatment and drug detox centers, involves treatment of physical and mental elements of an addiction to alcohol. The physical side of addiction is known as chemical dependence. It occurs when a person abuses alcohol over a prolonged period of time. Every time the alcohol enters their body, it interacts with the brain and triggers it to perform some actions and stop performing others. Eventually, the brain will adjust so that it waits for alcohol to send those signals before performing actions. This is a chemical dependence.

A chemical dependence to alcohol is broken through detox. This gets all of the alcohol out of the system and allows the brain to readjust and start functioning on its own again. Of course, withdrawal symptoms are a common side effect of alcohol detox. Because withdrawal symptoms can be extremely intense and sometimes so severe that they can cause a medical emergency, medical detox is the best detox option available. Medical detox is performed with the treatment and supervision of a medical team who can administer medications to help relieve some of the discomfort, reduce cravings, and make detox shorter and less troublesome overall.

The mental side of alcoholism requires other forms of treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy in group and individual sessions as well as family therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, and other treatments can help a person to identify the reasons behind their alcohol abuse and development of an addiction. Additional alternative therapies like art and drama therapy can also help a person to deal with their thoughts and feelings in healthy ways as well as develop ways to cope with triggers, cravings and negative feelings and situations in healthy ways.

Providence Drug Treatment Centers can and will provide you with connections to the alcoholism treatment and care that you need to overcome your addiction and get control of your life back again. Long-term recovery and success is within your grasp if you are willing to seek out the help of a high-quality treatment program. Just give us a call at (401) 227-1688.