Drug Addiction and Rehab

Drug Addiction and Rehab in Providence, RI

When it comes to drug addiction, many people are under numerous misconceptions. One of those biggest misconceptions is that they do not need drug rehab or other treatments for their drug addiction. However, because a drug addiction is a chronic disease that has major impacts on a person’s behavior but also on the actual structure of that person’s brain as well as the way it functions on a basic, chemical level, drug rehab is almost always necessary in order to overcome that drug addiction.

Understanding Drug Addiction and Drug Dependence

A drug addiction is the medically diagnosable chronic disease that is characterized by a person’s inability to stop consuming or using an addictive substance in spite of stark negative consequences that have major impacts on a person’s life and health. The concept of addiction encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, behavior, and social aspects of a person’s chronic and unstoppable substance abuse.

Drug dependence (also known as a physical or chemical dependence) is a term used to describe the physical side of a person’s addiction to drugs or alcohol. This occurs due to the ways that drugs interact with cells inside of the body on a chemical level.

Addictive drugs always interact with the brain and nervous system when they enter the body. They send signals to the brain telling it to do things, like in the case of heroin or other opioids it signals the release of large amounts of dopamine, a feel-good brain chemical. At the same time those substances can tell the brain and nervous system not to perform certain functions, as with opioids when all pain receptors in the nervous system are blocked.

As a person continues to repeatedly abuse the substance, the brain changes the way it functions every day to accommodate the presence of the drug in the body and the signals that the brain anticipates receiving from it. When the brain changes in this way, it has developed a chemical dependence on the substance.

Treatment for Addiction and Dependence in Providence

The many sides of an addiction all require professional treatment. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that people who try to overcome an addiction without this professional assistance and care will more than likely fail or relapse shortly after starting the process.

The first step in addiction treatment is to deal with the chemical dependence that has formed. Without the brain functioning normally and getting back to its normal state, a person cannot fully deal with the other sides of an addiction. Dependence is treated through detox, namely medical detox. Medical detox is the process of getting the substance out of the body and getting the brain back to functioning normally all while being cared for by medical caregivers. The doctors can use medications to manage withdrawal symptoms and make detox go more smoothly and quickly.

After a person has broken their chemical dependence on a substance, they can approach the other sides of their addiction with a clear mind. Traditional and alternative treatments are used in conjunction with one another to help a person find the original thoughts, feelings, and situations that led them to abuse drugs or alcohol. These issues are then discussed and treated as needed (i.e. depression can be treated with therapy and antidepressants or alternative therapies) and coping mechanisms, strategies, alternative behaviors, and the like are all developed to help a person return to their regular life and the real world without giving in to temptation or reverting back to unhealthy behaviors.

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