Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral Reconation Therapy in Providence, RI

Moral Reconation Therapy is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that is designed to help a recovering drug or alcohol addict to develop a sense of higher reasoning. The idea behind this treatment is that people suffering from addictions to drugs or alcohol are driven primarily by a desire to experience immediate pleasure while avoiding pain and discomfort at all costs.

Is Moral Reconation Therapy an Effective Treatment Option?

Many people wonder whether or not Moral Reconation Therapy is an effective addiction treatment. While Moral Reconation Therapy originated as a treatment designed to help reduce recidivism in former prison inmates, it has become more prevalent and popular in the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. And, based on more than 78 research studies performed specifically on the use of Moral Reconation Therapy in the treatment of addiction, it is incredibly effective in that capacity. Some of the ways that Moral Reconation Therapy is effective are:

. Identifying a purpose in life
. Increasing moral and principled reasoning skills
. Reducing hedonistic and thrill-seeker behaviors
. Increasing a sense of positive self-esteem
. Learning to deal with negative thoughts and emotions in healthy ways

What Does Moral Reconation Therapy Focus On?

Moral Reconation Therapy focuses on self-efficacy as well as self-esteem. These are important areas of focus due to the fact that both self-esteem and self-efficacy are greatly damaged when a person develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol. An addiction affects how a person thinks and behaves and the compulsive use and abuse of drugs or alcohol can cause a person to make poor decisions and choices that have extremely negative consequences on virtually every area of their being and life.

To help remedy the self-esteem issues that have developed due to addiction, Moral Reconation Therapy helps recovering addicts recover their self-esteem through goal-setting and self-exploration that leads a person to discover a purpose in life. Of course, in order to get to that point, the recovering addict first needs to learn how to be honest with themselves as well as others. Deep soul-searching and the rebuilding of self-esteem requires openness and honesty. This leads them down a path in which they can recognize their unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, and replace them with positive ones.

What are the Steps of Moral Reconation Therapy?

There are usually 16 sessions that a person goes through to complete their Moral Reconation Therapy. However, within those 16 sessions a person goes through seven steps of therapy. Those seven steps are:

. Confrontation
a. Addressing false beliefs, as well as problem behaviors and attitudes

. Assessment
a. Evaluating current relationships with friends, family, and peers

. Reinforcement
a. Establishing positive attitudes and behaviors

. Formation
a. Creating a positive self-identity

. Enhancement
a. Solidifying a self-concept and identity that is healthy

. Reduction
a. Ridding of hedonistic tendencies and self-destructive behaviors

. Development
a. Forming a higher moral reasoning and an ability to see the big picture

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