Relapse Prevention Programs

Relapse Prevention Programs in Providence, RI

Right here in Providence, there are numerous people who are suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. Many of those people may have attempted to overcome their addictions, but were unable to achieve long-term success. Relapse prevention programs, available in the best drug treatment centers, are designed to help improve a person’s chance at long-term recovery and abstinence. However, even those people struggling with their addiction and recovery do not fully recognize the importance of relapse prevention programs.

The reality is that drug and alcohol addictions have relapse rates on par with other serious chronic and relapsing diseases like diabetes or heart disease. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that anywhere between 40 and 60 percent of people who are treated for drug or alcohol addictions will relapse. The primary purpose of relapse prevention programs is to reduce those numbers and help people to have a better chance at lifelong abstinence and addiction management.

What Constitutes Relapse?

To better understand how relapse prevention programs can be beneficial, it is important to get an understanding of relapse. Relapse is a process that occurs in stages. Each stage has its own symptoms and can be prevented or stopped in different ways.

Emotional relapse occurs first and is an unconscious step towards resumed substance abuse. When a person is in emotional relapse, they are likely to experiences prolonged periods of negative emotions like anger or depression. They may also begin to neglect their health and wellbeing by not eating or sleeping well or by not exercising or maintaining personal hygiene. All of these issues can bring a person closer to falling back into old self-destructive patterns.

In the second phase of relapse, the mental phase, a person begins to consciously think about and contemplate substance abuse again. They may make details plans or imagine scenarios in which they get and use the substance behind the backs of loved ones or may find themselves glorifying their past behaviors and antics while under the influence of the addicted drug.
And in the final stage of relapse, known as physical relapse, the person has resumed substance abuse and the associated behaviors. In the physical stage of relapse, it is necessary to go through detox again to get back on track.

How Relapse Prevention Programs Make a Difference

The first goal of relapse prevention is to build awareness. The recovering addict needs to be aware of the signs of relapse as well as develop a sense of self-awareness so that they know their own person triggers, and self-destructive behavioral patterns. Only through awareness can a person prevent relapse.

On top of developing awareness and knowledge, relapse prevention programs also help a recovering addict to develop strategies, techniques, skills, and resources to handle life in the real world when relapse can occur. This often includes cultivating and developing hobbies, and coming up with productive ways to cope with negative emotions (like working out, journaling, or the like).

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